89 ♥ Princess Aboard


This sweet little dress that is of a teal and pink colors have little pastel triangles underneath each ruffle. It’s so delicately made. It’s it beautiful? Perfect for sailing on the ship today! It’s done by Little Bug.

My shape is Maddy from Lambicorn. These cute little full cheeks with wide eyes makes this a perfect shape for any little princess. She is just the cutest thing ever.

Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #ALICE from Toddleedoo!
Body: Baby – Girl (Toddleedoo) from Toddleedoo!
Eyes: Sovereign Eyes – Storm from IKON!
Hair: Regan Hair (Grayscales) by #foxy @ Collab88!
Skin: Leah – Peach Shade {Basic} from Bad Seed!
Nails: A Girl’s Best Friend [Cerulean] from JuJu’s Place!
Necklace 1: Cerulean Amulet – **LPA Exclusive**
Tiara: Cerulean Crown- **LPA Exclusive**

Featured Items:
Shape: Maddy by Lambicorn!
Dress: Pastel Triangle Gown by Little Bug!


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